Chesapeake and Home!

June 3, 2015

We are northbound to the Chesapeake. It is bittersweet and I am trying to savor each

moment because I know once we hit the dock it will all change.


Out of the Bahamas, it is rough at first but begins to moderate on our second day underway until we are motoring around Cape Hatteras. We had a good deal of fishing luck, landing 4 Mahi just south of the Carolina coast in the Gulf Stream.


Moonlight is trying to soak up some last sunshine before we get further north.


Richard and Molly have some time together on the way up the bay.















The school year is finished so now the computers are out for some fun. Annie and Molly are working on short stories.


Somewhere south of North Carolina, we turned over to 50,000 NM on our GPS Log – Wow!


Emma stood her first full watches and had a hectic and exciting watch entering the Chesapeake Bay with many buoys to spot and ships to watch.

We had a great stop in Onancock, VA where two of our crew, Al and Nina, got off at their own dock with Elcie anchored in a creek nearby. After a lovely dinner ashore at their house along with some other friends who lived nearby, we carried on up the bay. We had considered a few stops along the way but I think we all were eager for home so carried on the entire way to Oxford that day. Our first night was anchored off of our neighbor’s house on the edge of the Choptank. We didn’t know what had changed in the entrance and wanted to survey the entrance. Richard waded across at low tide the next morning and placed a few markers. By noon, we were in and alongside. A good feeling in most ways though an end of an amazing trip.

It has taken me just about all summer and until now to adjust to the trip being finished. However, I see the girls, now at school and with friends and being home and I know it is a good place to be. Elcie is still getting lots of attention and even gets off the dock now and then.

Here is Elcie at our dock on a lovely fall evening. A few weeks ago, I finished the dinghy chaps that I started way back in Australia. They were complicated and hard to work on underway. I’m pleased to see them now on the dinghy and fitting so well.


Our plan is to carry on with boat projects through the winter and possibly make some sailing plans for the spring and summer seasons. Stay tuned.


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